• Since Oct. 1984
    Consulting Scientist doing business as Pro-Tech, 11-C Orchard Court, Alamo, CA 94507-1541.
  • Sept. 1984 - May 1989
    Adjunct Professor at University of California, Berkeley Campus, in addition to being a Consulting Scientist.
  • Nov. 1978 - Sept. 1984
    Vice President and Staff Scientist at LuTech, Inc., P.O. Box 20913, Oakland, CA 94620-0913
  • June 1982 - Feb. 1983
    Visiting Scientist at the Indian Space Research Organization, Bangalore 560058, India. (On leave from LuTech, Inc.)
  • Nov. 1977 - Nov. 1978
    Staff Scientist at Science Applications, Inc., Berkeley, CA 94701.
  • Aug. 1975 - Aug. 1977
    Resident Research Associate of the National Research Council at the Air Force Research Laboratory, Kirtland AFB, NM, where I worked on electromagnetic boundary value problems and EMP studies using advanced techniques in applied mathematics.
  • Sept. 1969 - July 1975
    Graduate studies at Harvard University and also worked as Teaching Fellow in the Division of Applied Sciences in undergraduate courses in electronics and graduate courses in electromagnetic theory and antennas.
  • Aug. 1967 - Aug. 1969
    Graduate work at Indian Institute of Science where I conducted an experimental study of the propagation of electromagnetic waves through a simulated plasma medium in the K-band, as a part of M.E. Degree requirements.
  • As an undergraduate I worked as a trainee for a period of 8 weeks each at:
    • Motor Industries Co., Bangalore, India. Duties: fuel injection valves manufacturing,
    • Uttar Pradesh State Electricity Board, Dehra Dun, India. Duties: participated in the assembly stages of a hydroelectric power station,
    • Defense Electronics Research Labs, Hyderabad, India. Duties: design, development, and testing of a waveguide to coaxial adapter in X-band.

  • THESIS: Ph.D.
    Theoretical and experimental study of ferrite loaded loop antennas.

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