• Elected to the Grade of Fellow by the EMP Fellows Committee of Summa Foundation with the citation of "for contributions to EMP simulator design and HPM antenna design", June 1994.
  • Received FOUR TIMES - the "BEST HPE PAPER AWARD" in the category of Best Applied Paper (1990-1991), (2002-2003), (2006-2007) and (2012-2013) from HPE AWARDS COMMITTEE of SUMMA Foundation.
  • Received a "Certificate of Appreciation" for participation in the successful completion of the E-3A AWACS System level EMP tests at Kirtland AFB, New Mexico, 1978
  • Received 2006 John Kraus Antenna Award from IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society.


    The John Kraus Antenna Award honors an individual or team that has made a significant advance in antenna technology.

    Dr. C. E. Baum Dr. D. V. Giri Dr. E. G. Farr
    Dr. C. E. Baum Dr. D. V. Giri Dr. E. G. Farr

In 2006, this was awarded to Carl E. Baum, D. V. Giri, and Everett G. Farr “For development of novel and innovative ultra-wideband antenna concepts that have enabled a new area of electromagnetics.”

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